Meat Machines

Meat Machines

lo has been supplying meat machinery to meat processing plants for industrial use for many years. A meat machine must meet strict requirements such as a high degree of efficiency and hygienic processing of the product. Selo distinguishes itself by providing meat processing machines in an A to Z solution. From stand-alone / standard machines to complete plants and production lines.


At Selo, we provide standard machines but also customized solutions. This means that we always think along with you when it comes to customer-specific solutions. Our standard machines are sourced from partners with whom Selo has established long-term relationships over many years.

  • In the field of meat processing, we supply all the necessary machinery and equipment for your production process.
  • You can also come to us for wet-pet food production. For example, we supply the Selo steam tunnel, which has been specially developed by us to achieve the best results.
  • We have more than 75 years of experience in our business

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