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We build on Selo’s knowledge

For large-scale production, maximum uptime is essential, so cleaning and switching are included in the design phase for minimal interruption. However, this must be done with due observance of the strict hygiene and safety standards laid down in clear reports. For the growing market of traditional soups, we offer compact, multi-functional production lines for smaller-scale production. Careful integration and connection to your packaging line completes the project.

Soup system

Selo produces fully automated process and production systems for the preparation of ready-made, pasteurised, fresh soups. The soup systems can be developed and configured tailored to your needs. Soups are rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. The changing lifestyle of the consumer and the increasing tendency to consume healthy food products will increase the demand for soup in the coming years.

Babyfood system

Producing baby food is a special niche in the food industry: it is vital that the baby food systems meet the highest hygiene requirements. Selo supplies systems that are fully automated.

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Jeroen Boensma