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Ocelet Cheetah Cheetah XL Serval Serval L Serval XL Amur Amur XL
Range Chunk Capacity (kg/hr)250400-600600-7501000-15001500-20002000-25003000-35004000-5000
Type of steam tunnel beltTeflonSS316 / TeflonSS316 / TeflonSS316 / TeflonSS316SS316SS316SS316
Metal detectionOOOOOOOO
Coloring optionN/AOOOOOOO
No. of extruders / chunk shapes (optionally)1111 (2)1 (2)1 (2)2 (3)2 (3)
Cutter - Single shaftSSSSSSSS
Cutter - Double shaftN/AN/AN/AOOOOO

O=Optional, S=Standard

Selo pet food process line

Steam tunnel processing, this is a reliable and efficient technology with great flexibility in shape and color! The quality of the pet food is extremely high and it retains its taste and color. Selo pet food production lines has a high production capacity, but are also suitable for smaller productions. Furthermore, it has a hygienic design, which makes the line easy to clean. Selo pet food lines can be connected to any packaging machine. Selo can also advice you on subject.

Ocelot Series

Small, fast and no frills. he Ocelot series is the smallest of the Selo series. The ocelot is a very compact all-in-one line which includes all the necessary features. Equipped with a spreader system and a Teflon belt the Selo ocelot series ensures a no frill, smooth consistent and efficient production process with a capacity up to 300 kg of meat chunks per hour.

amur series

Cheetah Series

Dynamic and majestic, The Selo Cheetah series are designed for high flexibility in processing options in a medium capacity range. The line is based on a 400mm wide belt system. Both Teflon and stainless steel belts as well as spreader and extrusion systems are available in the Cheetah range. A color injection is optional for this multi-talent with production capacities up to 750 kg of meat chunks per hour. 

Serval Series

Named after an elegant, powerful and strong creature the Selo Serval series will serve your needs. This series is designed for medium to high capacities and can include full options with multiple extruders or spreaders which will enable you to produce up to 4 different colors and multiple shapes of chunks at one time. A long lasting durable continuous stainless steel belt is the standard while on selected steamtunnels Teflon belts are optionally available. The production capacity of the Serval series is up to 2.500 kg of meat chunks per hour. 

Amur Series

The most powerful and largest beast of our the Selo series is the Amur which is not to be tamed in smaller spaces. The Selo Amur series is designed and built for heavy duty and high capacity production of wet pet food, whilst keeping all the flexibility and possibilities to produce short batch runs. Just like the Serval series all options are available on these magnificent lines. Chunk processing capacities up to 5.000 kg of meat chunks per hour are no issue for the Amur series.


The steam tunnel installation is processing pet food emulsions to chunks. In the steam tunnel the emulsion is cooked with condensing steam. The speed of the processing belt and the steam supply are adjusted to cook until the desired cooking result has been obtained. Exact cooking times are product specific.

steam tunnel selo

"From complete process line to specific solution. "

Consistent quality starts with a pet food recipe, ingredients and the correct pet food processing line configuration. We ensure you that the process line and product environment match perfectly. More than that: we can advise you on the complete production process. Such as the supply and storage of ingredients, emulsion preparation, optimal cooking process, cooling down, cutting, export to the packaging line and sterilization. Everything for consistent quality and optimal return.

Our pet food product line

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