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For us, maintenance guarantees continuity and quality


If anything goes wrong and a machine or production line malfunctions, it is crucial that the defect is fixed fast and adequately. When you need assistance outside office hours, you can contact our 24/7 emergency repair service. Our repair service will contact you immediately and, together, we will find a solution to get your machine or installation up and running again as quickly as possible. When your installation or machine offers a secure VPN connection, we can look for the cause of the problem remotely and, hopefully, adjust the PLC program or control system and solve the problem directly. If necessary, we can get a technician to fix the defect.


Periodical inspections and preventive maintenance ensure the timely discovery of wear and tear of the machine parts. The timely replacement of wear parts will prevent machines from malfunctioning and ensures that the machine or installation can produce your product for much longer and better. During the preventive service inspections, your employees will also be informed about aspects such as machine safety and any new operating or maintenance instructions.


Preventive maintenance is included in client-specific maintenance contracts. You can contact our after-sales team to advise you on how periodical maintenance works at your site can be organized and carried out. We will base our planning for periodical maintenance on how your machine or installation is used. Depending on that, we will carry out the agreed maintenance/inspections during one or several annual visits. During these visits, we preventively replace several wear parts, and if the inspection shows that other parts are worn as well, then these parts will be included in the inspection report and offered to you as a replacement proposal. You can also use the preventive maintenance report for the statutory food safety plan, such as the HACCP plan.


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