Steam tunnel


  • High production capacity, but also suitable for smaller productions
  • Configuring different programs is possible: accurate heating tuned to unique product specifications
  • Additional: make use of colour injection systems
  • High quality wet pet food that retains flavour and colour
  • Selo possesses extensive know-how in the field of animal food production processes

Apart from the steam tunnel used for the production of animal food, Selo can also hygienically and attractively package your animal food products.

Production line supplier

Selo designs and builds process- and packagingsystems for the food manufacturing, animalfeed, pharmaceutical and non-foodindustries. We offer solutions from A to Z: this makes it possible for us to take care of our projects from the design phase until the installation of the systems. We fully master and take care of all technological, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after-sales disciplines.

Selo provides both custom and standard solutions.