Meat cutters

Meat cutters

Meat cutters from Selo are of high quality. You can contact Selo for a single meat cutter but also for a solution from A to Z. For example, you can not only have a meat cutter supplied but also packaging machines to complete the production line.


We supply various types of meat cutters for mincing, mixing or grinding meat, as well as horizontal and vertical pass-through cutters.

  • If you need a robust meat cutter suitable for fine chopping, mixing or grinding meat, we recommend, for example, the dish cutters . The advantages of these meat cutters are that they have a long service life, the meat cutters are also made according to a very hygienic design. The lid of this meat cutter is transparent, this allows the producer to keep an optimal view of the product.
  • If you want large quantities of meat to be processed at high speed by a meat cutter, we further recommend the horizontal or vertical pass-through cutters for fine cutting and emulsifying meat, for example for sausages or pet food. Advantages of these meat machines are that they have very low wear, deliver consistent product quality and that a combination of emulsifying fine products with coarse pieces is possible. In addition, this meat cutter is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Selo also supplies konti-cutters . These meat cutters have a specific cutting system which consists of cutting plates and hole plates. The konti-cutter is thus a cutter without touching parts and therefore has a number of significant advantages over a "conservative" continuous cutter. The product is sucked through the hole plates and cutting plates and thus reduced in size. Advantages of these meat machines are that they can produce very fine emulsions and also fine emulsions with coarse parts and because this meat cutter is without touching parts, there is very low wear and tear. As a result, the machines have a very long service life.

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