For many companies, production automation is essential for their business operations. A good production system ensures optimum efficiency, quality, improved working conditions and sustainability. Your quality will increase, your cost price will be reduced and you can continue to be competitive in the future.


Selo’s automation department offers solutions in the field of production automation, industrial automation and process automation everywhere in the world. Selo employs engineers, a technical team as well as software experts that are able to jointly come up with an A to Z solution.


Selo production automation can be realised in combination with, among other things:
  • Soft-motion operating systems – motion control operating systems
  • Vision systems
  • Robot systems


Selo provides a complete solution regarding automation:
  • EPLAN software and service: plans are supplied to us by means of EPLAN, so you are ensured of an efficient engineering system.
  • Custom cabinets: apart from automation, we also build the (switch) boxes ourselves. This way, Selo always provides you with an optimum integration of software, automation, installation and machines.
  • Software: in-house specialist software developments, including the writing, testing and the commissioning of the software tuned to your industry.
  • The development and execution of water testing.


Some examples of applications that can be integrated in switch boxes:
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Operating panels – multi-functional and easy to use
  • Visualisation (touch screens) – user-friendly touch screens connected to modern software
  • Frequency control boxes


Apart from the new design and construction of automation boxes, we can redesign and readjust the switch boxes of clients to meet the current state of the art, thus making it more user-friendly and efficient. As a result, existing production lines can be turned into new, more modern and more efficient systems.


Remote support

Selo offers its customers the opportunity to dial in via remote support. This option allows remote access to a machine’s control to locate and, if necessary, resolve malfunctions. The connection can also be used to make software changes/updates.

Selo offers this facility for your new or existing installations. All you have to do is create an internet connection close to the machine.

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