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" Selo is our total partner for Vegetarian production."

The current generation of machines, such as mixers, cutters, filling systems and slicers, for the production of meat, sausage and snack products can often be used one-on-one for the production of many vegetarian products. For the heavier and stiffer vegetarian products, you can easily use a more powerful and weighted machine series. In addition to vegetarian processing machines, we can also offer a fully automatic process for adding raw and auxiliary materials, both solid and liquid.

Vacuum bowl cutter

Are vegetarian and vegan products made from vegetable proteins such as meat substitutes a hype or here to stay? Regardless, they have already arrived in our daily life. More and more people are thinking of eating less meat on a daily basis. According to prognoses, continued and strong growth in the market for Vegetarian products is expected. For the production of meat substitutes, Vegetarian products from vegetable proteins, Selo can offer you several machines. One of these is the Seydelmann vacuum bowl cutter.

Vacuum Mixer

Selo offers various production machines for the production of vegetarian products. One of these is the Seydelmann vacuum mixer.

The vacuum mixer has been specially designed by Seydelmann for intensive mixing within a short period of time in a continuously standardizable process. Mixing under vacuum allows additives to be optimally incorporated into the product. This achieves a substantial improvement in flavour. The vacuum mixing ensures less heating of the product and ensures a better cutting image in further processing. Due to a lower oxygen supply in the Seydelmann mixer, the fat oxidation will be significantly reduced. This guarantees an extended expiration date.

Normwagen Tumbler

Selo supplies Seydelmann standard trolley tumblers for the Dutch market. This innovation has been developed for mixing, tumbling, blending and marinating various meat and vegetarian products.

Vacuum filling pump

Selo supplies Karl Schnell vacuum filers with a unique pump set for perfect filling. The pumps can be expanded with a range of additional equipment to ensure the filling and the production process can be set up entirely to your wishes. The wear-proof pump set and the short product transport prevents that the air is sealed in during the filling. This ensures the product is not damaged and guarantees the quality.