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Thanks to our vast experience in the food industry, we can give a clear indication as to how your production environment can benefit from robotization and automation. First, we jointly go through every step of the process. We start with the concept phase, create the final design, and our job is (almost) done when your project has been realized. Before we leave, we offer training sessions to your staff at any desired level. Find out more about our solutions, get inspired, and challenge our minds with your specific issue or question.

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The Selo Case Packer is used for the automated folding and filling of (solid) cardboard display boxes.

Fully automatic loading systems

The Selo fully automatic loading system loads cheese or meat on a plastic or cardboard tray. The system is equipped with a high end vision system which takes very sharp images of the sliced products. In this way the system knows exactly the deviation of the deposition angle and centerline of the sliced products compared with the “zero” values. After detecting the deviation, the system will correct the sliced portion to the “zero” values.

Selo Robot

Selo closely tracks development in the field of robotics. Moreover, we design, program and develop complex robotic systems and various state-of-the-art robotics applications. In the processing and packaging industry, a lot of Selo’s robotics solutions lead to a more efficient and high-quality production process.

Horizontal flow packers

Horizontal flow packers are supplied through Omori Europe, official partner of Selo. Omori Europe offers a range of horizontal flow packers: machines for small one-piece packaging and low production amounts to complex machines for large packaging amounts. Flow packing is used in both the food, pharmacy, non-food and pet food sector: plastic wrapping is folded around the product and sealed along the horizontal (long) axis. As such, products are packaged to the client’s wishes and have an extended expiration date.

Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers are supplied through Omori Europe, official partner of Selo. Stretch wrappers are packaging machines that are very suitable for the food industry. A broad range of food products is packaged at a very high speed using the stretch wrapper: meat, fish, vegetables and fruit in a dish or tray.

Sachet packing machines

Sachets are ‘bags’ that are used for one-piece packaging. This packaging method is used in a wide range of industries ranging from sweetener and ketchup bags in the food industry to cleaning wipes and medication in the non-food and pharmaceutical industries. This packaging is very user-friendly for the consumer, due to the fact that the content of a sachet has been meticulously measured and because it is easy to open.


Selo supplies checkweighers to satisfy the strictest production requirements, providing ease of operation, flexibility, hygiene, high speed processing and optimal accuracy. The checkweighers are are able to control a weighing time and interval according to product conditions in production lines.

Auger fillers

Selo is a supplier of Spee-Dee auger fillers. Created to address high speed, high torque application requirements, the Spee-Dee Servo auger fillers were designed specifically to conquer needless waste in dry fill packaging operations that utilize automatic equipment such as baggers, pouch machines, cartoners, or conveyor lines.

Volumetric cup fillers

Our volumetric cup fillers from Spee-Dee have earned a well-deserved industry reputation as reliable, accurate and durable. This cup filler economically fills dry, free flowing particulate products such as rice, beans, cereal, candy, popcorn, nuts, coffee beans and kitty litter – all without product degradation.


Stick-packs are a popular form of portion packaging. The stick-pack is easy to use for the consumer (easy to open and in pre-measured amounts) and the freshness of the product is easy to guarantee. The stick-pack is a safe and hygienic form of packaging for both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Metal detector & Checkweigher combination unit

Selo supplies combination of a metal detector head and a check weigher in one frame for cost effective and space saving purpose, providing superior and reliable product inspection in a compact design.

X-ray inspection system

Selo provides X-ray systems for various industries. X-ray systems are intended for the identification of contaminations in packaging. X-ray systems have a higher accuracy with respect to detecting metal and stainless steel than metal detectors. Moreover, they can also be used to detect non-metals, such as glass, rubber, stone, etc. and allow for the proper tracing of products and production runs.