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Based on the uniquely wide range of Selo and our machine suppliers, we can respond to all your wishes and requirements. You can choose from a wide range, including breakers, grinders, mixers, bowl cutters, vacuum fillers, smoking and cooking systems, fully automated production lines and more. We will support you in this. Whether it concerns process technology advice, pre-engineering, installation, commissioning or specific machine training, with Selo you have only one contact person for all disciplines.

In addition to its own machine construction, Selo is the exclusive representative of leading brands such as:
– Seydelmann
– Karl Schnell
– Vemag Anlagenbau
– CV-Tek

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The slicers are commonly used in the meat and cheese industry: the products are carefully sliced and deposited. Examples of this are slices of ham and other meat products in various forms, but also slicing ham and cheese for a cordon bleu or croissant.


Selo provides machines that are suitable for flattening meat. Irregular pieces of meat, such as fresh pork, beef, veal and poultry are flattened by means of pressure rollers and profile belts. The flatteners’s pressure ensures that the meat maintains its desired shape even after roasting. It is important that the flattener is developed in such a way that the meat does not lose any of its fluids after flattening.


Particularly suitable for grinding fresh and frozen meat products. The wide choice of cutting sets and hole plates allows you to determine the fineness of your product without damaging the meat and fat structure. The meat wolves can be produced in various variations.

Meat mixers

Selo supplies mixers suitable for meat and other products in the food industry. Due to the special geometry of the Seydelmann mixer, optimal mixture is obtained in a short time. Ribbon and screw mixers are specially designed for protein release. Optimal mixing is obtained with a paddle mixer. The highest quality requirements are centered around the design of the mixers. The mixers are available with various options such as direct and indirect heating, cooling and weighing cells. In order to obtain a better shelf life, air can be extracted from the mixture by the vacuum function, resulting in a very compact mixture.

Bowl cutters

The bowl cutters guarantee an optimal cutting result with emulsified and dry sausage products. During the emulsification, many proteins are released, which ensure optimal binding in the product. The bowl cutters up to date with the latest status of technical development and product safety. The bowl cutters can be equipped with heating, cooling, vacuum, etc. In order to obtain a better shelf life, air can be extracted from the mixture by the vacuum function, resulting in a very compact mixture.

Schotelcutter Seydelmann

Konti cutters

The Konti-Cutter is particularly suitable for emulsifying pre-reduced and mixed meat products. In addition to very fine products such as liver sausage, it is also possible to produce products with a coarse insert. The cutting system of the Konti-Cutter cuts very effectively, without metal to metal contact. In order to obtain a better shelf life, air can be extracted from the mixture by the vacuum function, resulting in a very compact mixture.

Vacuum massagers

The vacuum massager is very suitable for massaging and mixing muscle parts such as ham. The gentle and at the same time firm massage and the special design of the trough and paddle shafts prevent unwanted bruising of the pieces of muscle. Due to the very firm massage of the muscle parts, the proces can be realized in less time. In order to obtain a better shelf life, the vacuum function can be used to extract air from the mixture, resulting in a very compact mixture.

Normwagen tumbler

The normwagen tumbler has been developed for mixing, tumbling, mixing, marinating, moisturizing, coating and massaging various meat and vegetarian products. The particularly gentle and even movements ensure that the individual components are not damaged. The normwagen filled with the products to be mixed serves as a mixing vat. The advantage of this is that it is not necessary to fill and empty another mixing container. This prevents unnecessary product loss.

Seydelman productielijnen

Standardization of production processes with minimal staffing and minimal handling.
The automated production lines can handle a wide variety of products.

Process machines

With the process machines it is possible to mix, reduce and emulsify the product in 1 passage. The desired end result is constantly achieved through minimal handling and the automated process sequence. The latest hygiene standards are included in the design. Optionally, it is possible to heat or cool indirectly or directly. In order to obtain a better shelf life, the vacuum function can be used to extract air from the mixture, resulting in a very compact mixture.


Emulsifiers are suitable for the finely cutting and emulsifying of meat. Due to the millions of cutting movements per minute, a perfect emulsion can be produced in a very short production time.


The crushers are there for breaking and shredding frozen meat and blocks of cheese. The machines are constructed in a way that the blocks are reduced in size without affecting the structure. This guarantees quality. The machine can also be integrated into a continuous production line. Depending on the product and the size of the machine, a production capacity of up to 30 tons / hour can be achieved.

Vacuum filler

Karl Schnell vacuum fillers combine process technology with technological competence.
They distinguish themselves by a very high dosing accuracy, optimal evacuation of air in the pump set, hygiene and maximum filling performance. The vacuum filler can be used in a wide range of filling and dosing processes.


The Selo / CV-tek has been developed for vacuuming, fumigation and sealing of, things like; bulk packaging, collective and single packaging with a modified atmosphere, resulting in a longer shelf life of the product.
The Selo / CV-tek principle is based on pressure differences inside and outside the packaging by means of vacuum and fumigation. The unique welding system results in a perfect 100% closed seal.

Combined smoke and cooking installation

The Aeromat is the combined installation for coloring product, drying, warm and hot smoking and cooking. In order to produce a top product of consistent quality in the shortest possible time, the same climatic and humidity conditions must be the same at every point in the room. Because the air volume in the room circulates several times per minute, constant air quality is always guaranteed. By using an optimized heat exchanger (Ecocon), the Aeromat can be up to 30% more energy efficient. Due to the fully automatic CIP cleaning, the installation is very hygienic and easy to clean.

Climamat chambers

Climamat rooms are climate-controlled rooms that can be configured according to customer wishes. The chambers have been specially developed for the controlled conditioning, ripening of many different types of products, such as preserved sausages. Constant air flow in the chambers guarantees a constant product quality. By adapting the installation output to the condition of the product, using the automatic circulation air and automatic fresh air supply, energy costs can be saved up to 40%.

Vemag tempering system

The Vemag tempering system is a particularly gentle, quality-conscious defrosting system for frozen products. Defrosting is done by means of air and steam, resulting in minimal microbiological cross-contamination. The product to be thawed can be packaged or unpackaged. Optionally, the tempering system can also be used as a cooling unit. Due to the even air distribution in the chamber, the products are evenly and gently tempered. The defrost systems are also available in a mobile version if there is not enough space in the building.

Smoke generator

The Vemag smoke generators are available in different sizes. The smoke generators can be supplied for usage with wood chips or with friction smoke by means of wooden beams.
The smoke generators can be used in combination with a smoke / cooking room or climate chamber. Due to the high intensity of smoke , the smoking process is considerably shortened. By monitoring the smoke volume and flow, a constant flow is created and therefore a constant product quality.

Jar Filling System

With the Selo Jar Filling system, both glass jars and cans can be filled with the desired number of sausages. The system takes the jars/cans from a central system, which ten positions them to be filled with sausages.

Industrial Microwave Systems

Selo supplies industrial microwaves for thawing and tempering meat products. These microwave systems heat the product by means of microwaves. Depending on the set power, the microwave causes a specific vibration speed of the molecules that will determine the eventual temperature


Selo supplies a wide range of Scansteel Foodtech mixers.


Selo supplies a full range of Scansteel mixers for the global food processing industry. Our range goes from single shaft and twin shaft Mixers to twin shaft mixers either with vacuum or with grinder unit with a wide range of optional extras such as, but not limited to: Heating and/or cooling functionality.


Selo supplies a broad range of GAROS tumblers with capacities ranging from 700 to 10.000 litres. The crucial and completely deciding factor in achieving the desired result when tumbling is that the products get kinetic energy/mechanical working.


The GAROS brine injectors and tenderisers are developed to meet the extensive requirements of the modern meat, poultry and fish industry, and this range has been refined and developed to meet new requirements for uniformity, injection percentages and hygiene within the modern meat industry.

Brine mixers and storage tanks

Over time, the brine and marinade recipes have been modified to include more ingredients/dry substances. This has radically sharpened preparation requirements as regards handling, mixing and dissolving the ingredients.

Mixing and coating

Selo supplies a range of Wilevco Mixing and Coating machines. We offer equipment used in three distinct areas:

  • Spray application of coatings
  • Mixing of liquid Batters
  • Chilling of liquids and Slurries