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The test setup makes everything clear

Trusted premium brands, surprising new flavors or distinctive private labels, the variety is enormous and is only increasing due to the global food culture. This requires a good understanding of product compositions. Does the sauce remain consistent? Is the distribution of recognizable ingredients the same? In our Technology Center we test process lines and products for Proof of Concept. Together we are always looking for the best solution.

production line

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Ketchup system

Selo offers two options regarding the production of ketchup and ketchup-like sauces: the batch line and the continuous line. Both lines are well-suited for the production of real ketchup, starch-based ketchup and sauces, like gipsy sauce and ‘Schaschlick’ sauce.

Mayonnaise & Dressing system

Selo supplies fully automated process and production systems for cooked, pasteurised and cooled products, such as mayonnaise and dressings. We supply different systems for the production of mayonnaise and dressing that always meet the high standards regarding hygiene and quality.

Sauce system

Our goal is consistent, predictable quality, just the way you want it. Because the consumer likes to have it the way he wants it. Whatever market or region you are in, we know how to continuously produce the desired taste, the right substance and the expected quality. Selo sauce, mayonnaise / dressing and ketchup installations are designed for stable production, short changeover times and the highest hygiene.

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Area Sales Manager

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