X-Ray Inspection System


  • Easy to operate
  • High accuracy and repeatable results
  • BRC (M&S) certified
  • High-speed inspection

Type of foreign materials x-ray can detect:
Metal / non ferous metals in foil, including stainless steel, glass / bone(calcified), PVC plastic, PTFE(Teflon) plastic, ceramic or concrete, rubber.


Anritsu is a global electronics manufacturer based in Japan. Its inspection division leverages the company’s 120+ years testing & measurement expertise to make high performance x-rays, metal detectors and checkweighers.

Anritsu’s dedication to R&D investment and continuous improvement has led to it becoming the #1 food x-ray solutions supplier globally. The seventh-generation XR75 x-ray series is now the inspection standard for many of the world’s largest food & pharmaceutical producers.