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Selo supplies Karl Schnell vacuum filers with a unique pump set for perfect filling. The pumps can be expanded with a range of additional equipment to ensure the filling and the production process can be set up entirely to your wishes. The wear-proof pump set and the short product transport prevents that the air is sealed in during the filling. This ensures the product is not damaged and guarantees the quality.


Vacuum fillers extract air from the product, which means the product remains fresh longer and thus has an extended expiration date. Products that are filled with a meat mixture (e.g. artificial casings that are filled with meat paste) benefit from a vacuum process. The vacuum fillers are also used in the production of cheese.


Benefits of Karl Schnell vacuum filler:

  • Accurate and productsaving treatment
  • Vacuuming during the entire process
  • Solid and manufactured of various high-quality stainless steel types
  • Hygienic, easy to clean


Apart from vacuum pumps, Selo also supplies other filling systems and machines. By keeping up to date with the latest technologies in the field of food processing and packaging and by creating our own innovations, we are able take care of your entire production process efficiently while saving costs. We gladly think along with you from start to finish!


The brand Karl Schnell has grown into an internationally known concept in the food industry over the last 70 years. Karl Schnell is a German machine building company, where fully developed technology is combined with constant innovation.

Karl Schnell
These are based on the development of economical, high-quality and application-oriented machines and systems. Over the course of the company's history, many new machines have been developed that had a considerable impact on the industrial processing of food.
Top quality processing and packaging systems
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