GAROS MDF (Multi Displacement Flights) is the tumbler on the market which best answers to the requirements efficiency combined with gentleness. The specially designed drivers/flights create a completely unique 4-way movement. With the double, incremental position and the symmetrical design, there is significantly more product movement/massaging per revolution. More effective without turning its back on gentleness.

The GAROS MDF Tumbler is available in six different standard models with drum volumes of 1.600, 2.600, 3.900, 5.600, 7.500 and 10.000 litres as well as a load capacity of up to 65% of the volume.


GAROS specializes in machines and system solutions for the cured meat, poultry and fish industries worldwide. High quality and high-standard technology are some of the main characteristics of the machines GAROS has developed since its start.

With industry knowledge and control of all development work, over the years GAROS has been able to continually refine the machinery in regard to functionality, to the highest degree of reliability and operating efficiency.