Standup pouch filling and sealing machines

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Selo supplies machines for filling and sealing pre-shaped flat bags or standup pouches. The foundation of the machine is an intermitting, rotating carousel. Grips are attached to this carousel from which the pre-formed bags are hanging. The rotation of the carousel makes sure the bag passes different stations where a specific action takes place, such as opening the bag, filling it and sealing it.


Depending on the application (fresh, atmospheric or vacuum) or product (liquid, solid or powder), the product passes 8, 9 or 10 stations. The machines are also suitable for filling a combination of solid and liquid products, such as animal food, meals, preserved olives, etc.


Benefits of the pre-shaped Standup pouch filling and sealing machines:

  • Very flexible in use: a change from one product to the other is possible within 5 minutes
  • Far-reaching automation: minimal manual changes to the machine in case of reconfiguration
  • Extensive width range: possible to process different size standup pouches
  • High production capacity
  • Integration with specially designed spout machine is possible that fills the packaging via the spout and places a cap


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