• Maintaining quality and authentic smoked flavour
  • ‘Pre-smoking’ large pieces of meat, fish or poultry: the eventual preparation of the product takes place in the soup kitchen or at home in the oven
  • Hygienically designed smoker: easy to clean
  • The smoking method depends on the product specifications and Selo is glad to assist you in providing the right smoker for your product.

Selo also supplies cooking cabinets from Vetec. These cooking cabinets are suitable for meat products to pasteurize or sterilize. Cooking can take place with packaged and unpackaged meat products. In the cooking cabinets, the products are heated with steam.

In the Intensive Cooling Installations the products are immediately being cooled with water to a certain core temperature after the thermal treatment, and after that they are being dried with an intensive air flow.

Production line supplier

Vetec offers customized systems and generally focuses its developments on three core areas: Quality, Safety and Profitability. On this basis, Vetec develops individual plant systems for the thermal treatment of foodstuffs.

The solutions offered by Vetec are processes that can be continuously extended, always with the goal of getting the best possible performance from the plants and optimizing the processes.