Smoke, cooking and air conditioning systems


Custom Solutions: Your needs are the focus of VETEC ANLAGENBAU. Together with VETEC, we create solutions that perfectly fit your unique requirements. Their promise: "We build your solution."

Grounded Expertise: With years of experience in the food processing industry, VETEC ANLAGENBAU offers not only technology, but also in-depth knowledge and advice. Together, we understand your products, goals and challenges like no other.

Innovative Technology: VETEC ANLAGENBAU embraces the latest technological developments for maximum efficiency, precision and modern solutions.

Quality and Consistency: VETEC ANLAGENBAU stands for top quality and uniformity in the thermal processing of food products. You can rely on the consistent quality of your products.

Flexibility and Versatility: Whether smoking large pieces of meat, thawing fish or cooking meats, VETEC ANLAGENBAU's installations effortlessly adapt to your specific needs.

Hygienic Design: Food safety is paramount. The facilities are designed for easy cleaning and meet the strictest standards.

Proven Success: Many leading companies rely on VETEC ANLAGENBAU for their thermal food processing needs. Their proven track record speaks for itself. Take your food processing to the next level with VETEC ANLAGENBAU.

In short, with VETEC ANLAGENBAU you are choosing solutions that not only meet your needs, but are also based on expertise, innovation and proven results. We are here to take your food processing to the next level.

Production line supplier

Vetec offers customized systems and generally focuses its developments on three core areas: Quality, Safety and Profitability. On this basis, Vetec develops individual plant systems for the thermal treatment of foodstuffs.

The solutions offered by Vetec are processes that can be continuously extended, always with the goal of getting the best possible performance from the plants and optimizing the processes.