Vacuum massager


  • Up to 40% time savings
  • Easy loading by lifting tipper, conveyor or vacuum suction
  • High loading quantity
  • Constant quality even at low filling levels
  • Easy gentle and quick emptying.
  • Option to empty on and conveyor belt
  • Continuous temperature control, directly in the product range
  • Fast direct cooling through cooling nozzles in the trough bottom
  • indirect cooling with pillow plates possible
  • fixed trough with rotating paddle shafts in the machine
  • Solid solution without rotary joints for vacuum, material, water additions and hopper cooling
  •  very robust design
  • Stepless drive of paddle shafts possible
  • Very high vacuum, up to 95%
  • Double vacuum sealed bearing seals on the paddle shafts
  • Fully automatic recipe control (also possible with ERP connection)
  • Registration data

Manufacturing advantages:

  • Complete mixing according to the rotation principle
  • Faster, more intense, but gentle massage
  • Better and uniform digestion of proteins on the meat surface
  • Addition of liquid products without interruption of vacuum
  • Even mixing of the product
  • Suitable for both reduced and large muscular cuts of meat
  • Constant quality of finished product even with different fill levels
  • Different paddle geometries, rotation directions and speeds guarantee flexibility and product-specific work


Seydelmann is worldwide one of the most popular manufactures in the region of cutters, mixers, grinders and grinding equipment in all sizes, for both meat shops and the industrial sector. Seydelmann machines are adjustable to the needs a wishes of each individual customer.

Intensive research and continuous further development ensure that Machinefabriek Seydelmann is unrivalled in terms of state-of-the-art technology, performance and a long lifespan.