Trolley tumbler

Different processes possible

  • Hydrate
  • refine
  • Coating
  • massage
  • marinate
  • marinate

Features of the Normwagen tumbler

  • The machine mixes, tumbles and marinates in a particularly gentle, intensive and uniform way
  • Product is mixed in the standard trolley
  • Short processing times
  • Manufactured to the highest hygienic standards; Robust design that is easy to clean
  • Easy operation

Application of the Seydelmann machine

  • (Pasta)salads
  • Vegetable mixes
  • Nut mixes
  • Marinated steaks
  • Chicken wings
  • pulled pork
  • etc.


Vacuum pump, with vacuum values up to 80%, also allows optimized marinating and mixing of different products. By applying a vacuum, the soaking time of marinades is considerably shorter.


Seydelmann is worldwide one of the most popular manufactures in the region of cutters, mixers, grinders and grinding equipment in all sizes, for both meat shops and the industrial sector. Seydelmann machines are adjustable to the needs a wishes of each individual customer. Intensive research and continuous further development ensure that Machinefabriek Seydelmann is unrivalled in terms of state-of-the-art technology, performance and a long lifespan.