Selo Solutions pays close attention to innovation and research & development in the field of gripper technology and Vision systems. For example, we design and 3D print our own gripper systems, develop our own Vision systems and test them extensively on our demo robot in our Selo Technology Center. Through our years of knowledge and expertise in robotics and automation systems, we can provide you with a proven concept. Some examples of our areas of expertise in robotics and automation are:

  • Pick and place units – the fully automated picking up, moving and positioning a product: ‘transfer’ with great accuracy
  • Handling – automated transport, picking up, placing, moving and storing of goods
  • Automation Projects
    • Fully automated water cutting units: no manual labour, thus meeting the high standards in the field of hygiene and safety
    • Primary packaging of your product
    • Secondary packaging of your product
  • Automation projects and applications used broadly: end packaging, cheese handling, bread cutting automation, etc.

The robotics applications of Selo are broad and varied. Thanks to our knowledge in the field of software, engineering and automation, we can create custom robotics solutions. Feel free to contact us to discuss the optimisation option for your production process free of obligations.

Production line supplier

Selo designs and builds process- and packagingsystems for the food manufacturing, animalfeed, pharmaceutical and non-foodindustries. We offer solutions from A to Z: this makes it possible for us to take care of our projects from the design phase until the installation of the systems. We fully master and take care of all technological, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after-sales disciplines.

Selo provides both custom and standard solutions.