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The innovative Karl Schnell process machines combine the following production steps into one machine: pre-reduction, mixing, fine reduction and homogenising and can thus provide a machine that is capable of executing the entire process on a minimum surface area.


The process machines are used for the production of soup, sauce, gravy, ketchup and mayonnaise, fish and pâté, as well as for the preparation of additives and spices for the production of sausage, pet food and cheese.


Benefits of Karl Schnell process machines:
  • Thanks to the location, design and type of carving knife, a perfect mixing effect is already achieved during carving
  • Emulsifying by means of a separate cutting system
  • The product can be pumped into the hopper from the emulsifyer multiple times to reach a finer emulsion through a recirculation system
  • Multiple process steps in one machine

The brand Karl Schnell has grown into an internationally known concept in the food industry over the last 70 years. Karl Schnell is a German machine building company, where fully developed technology is combined with constant innovation.

Karl Schnell
These are based on the development of economical, high-quality and application-oriented machines and systems. Over the course of the company's history, many new machines have been developed that had a considerable impact on the industrial processing of food.
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