Petfood line

After the ropes have been cooked in the steam tunnel, they go to the next step in the process; the cooling down phase. The ropes cooled and partially dried by means of ventilators. This ensures a clean cut during the cutting process. The length of the chunks can also be set to give the end product its final shape. The chunks can be cut variably in length, together with the optional color injection, a wide variety of chunks can be produced.

Depending on the required packaging, a second cooling / drying phase can be added after cutting, so that the filling via the multihead-weigher, for example, will be smoother and more efficient.

In order not to disturb the cooking process in the steam tunnel in case of short stop in the packaging process, Selo has designed a buffer system that can buffer the produced chunks until the packaging process is restarted. This guarantees the efficiency and quality of the production process and minimizes waste.

Selo can provide the complete supply systems for chunks to the packaging installation, including the gravy systems. In the gravy system, powders are mixed and heated in water. The powders can be added manually or, if required, automatically to the gravy preparation tank. To mix / dissolve the powders ‘lump-free’ in the water, Selo has designed a special agitator. The created gravy / jelly is stored in a buffer tank, after which can be pumped directly to the filling and packaging lines.

Selo pet food lines can be connected to any packaging machine, for example pouch, cans or trays. The sterilization process follows after packaging. Selo can also offer advice an this subject.



Specifications / Advantages:

  • High quality pet food while retaining flavor and color
  • Different programs settings possible; precise heating tailored to unique product specifications
  • High production capacity, but also suitable for smaller productions
  • Hygienic design, making the line easy to clean (EHEDG)
  • Capacity 250 kg – 5000 kg


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