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Selo not only provides for the production and delivery of synthetic casings, but also provides all required products regarding the meat processing and packaging process. For instance, we provide various types of netting that are suitable for the production of roulade, ham and fricandeau. The netting is suitable for both boiling and roasting. Furthermore, we offer various types: stocking nets, roulade netting and roast netting. The roast netting is available in a coarse and fine netting model.


The nettings are manufactured in such a way that they can stretch widthwise, but not lengthwise, thus ensuring that the meat product maintains its attractive shape.


We distinguish ourselves from other meat netting manufacturers by means of our broad expertise and extensive experience in the food industry.


Selo Packaging delivers both edible and inedible artificial casings of high quality and produces artificial casings in different sizes, calibres, designs and colours for the Dutch and Belgian market.

Selo Packaging
Selo Packaging has been providing their 'delivery within 24 hours' service for standard casing items for years. Apart from the production of casings, we also offer advice in the field of custom product development and we provide technical support for clip and sealing techniques.
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