• Mixer voor de voedselverwerkende industrie

Selo supplies both Seydelmann and Karl Schnell mixers suitable for meat and other products in the food industry. These mixers mix products fast and intensively without damaging the product in the process. If desired, the mixers can be fitted with cooking, vacuum and/or cooling functions. The mixers have a variable configuration, which means that products can be mixed into one homogeneous product, but also mixed while maintaining coarse pieces. By offering a range of different mixers, the content of which ranges between 30 to 6,000 liters, Selo always has a fitting solution.


Benefits of the Selo mixers:
  • The mixing systems have an accurate dosage system: this exactly determines the input of the different ingredients
  • Compact hygienic design
  • Different mixing systems are possible:
    • Ribbon mixers
    • Paddle mixers
    • Ribbon-paddle mixers
    • Screw mixers


The mixing systems have been efficiently designed and require less labour. This will result in a decrease in production costs while the mixers can handle large amounts of mixture at the same time.


Seydelmann is worldwide one of the most popular manufactures in the region of cutters, mixers, grinders and grinding equipment in all sizes, for both meat shops and the industrial sector. Seydelmann machines are adjustable to the needs a wishes of each individual customer.

Intensive research and continuous further development ensure that Machinefabriek Seydelmann is unrivalled in terms of state-of-the-art technology, performance and a long lifespan.
Top quality processing and packaging systems
5 establishments with over 100 employees
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