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More and more, customers want equipment that meets their individual demands and are looking for machines that produce high quality end products at the lowest possible cost. Selo delivers this combination of demands, combined with the technical know how by delivering mixers of Karl Schnell. Karl Schnell builds machines that are easy to use and extremely sustainable.


The Karl Schnell mixer assortment entails a broad range of different types of mixers. These can be equipped with various options, making them an excellent choice for various applications. The Karl Schnell mixers are frequently used in the pet food, meat and cheese industry. Karl Schnell mixers are available in sizes 30 l up to 6.000 l (other sizes on request).


The brand Karl Schnell has grown into an internationally known concept in the food industry over the last 70 years. Karl Schnell is a German machine building company, where fully developed technology is combined with constant innovation.

Karl Schnell
These are based on the development of economical, high-quality and application-oriented machines and systems. Over the course of the company's history, many new machines have been developed that had a considerable impact on the industrial processing of food.
Top quality processing and packaging systems
5 establishments with over 100 employees
Customized and standard solutions