Advantages of Selo's mayonnaise production line

Selo's mayonnaise production line offers many advantages that significantly improve the efficiency and quality of your production process. With a high capacity and short process time, you can produce large quantities of mayonnaise in a short period of time. The result? Streamlined production in a short process time. In addition, our mayonnaise production line ensures excellent color and taste of the final product based on your recipe. Those recipes are also quick to change, without producing a lot of waste.

Other key benefits include:

  • Filling the machines is possible either cool or hot.
  • The production line is user-friendly and excellent for self-service.
  • If applicable, work is done in accordance with EHEDG standard.
  • Testing your own recipe in advance and running trial batches is possible in our own Technology Center


"Thanks to the implementation of Selo's machines, we can now produce our own mayonnaise more efficiently and continuously. This production line is completely tailored to our needs and situation, which means that we can now achieve significantly higher production speeds. Moreover, I believe that we have also been able to boost the quality of our product considerably. This is partly because the new production line uses an advanced control and monitoring system. This immediately picks out products that do not meet the quality standards. Ideal and a lot safer! Not only are we very happy with this new production line, we also get compliments from our customers!"
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At Selo, a mayonnaise production line begins with a clear goal in mind: to achieve efficient production of high-quality mayonnaise. In the initial discussion with a producer, we gather all specifications and requirements. In addition, we explain the capabilities of our machines and preferably also show them in our Technology Center. Have we gathered all the information? Then our engineering team gets to work. With their technical expertise and years of experience in the production industry, they translate the wishes into a comprehensive and well thought-out production line for mayonnaise.

In Selo's workshop, the approved production line is assembled with extreme precision, with each part being placed in its proper place and functionally assembled.

Our mayonnaise production machines



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Producing mayonnaise: a precise and careful process

The production of mayonnaise is a complex process that involves accuracy and care. Both are important to ensure a consistent final product. The process often begins with a unique recipe and the selection of high-quality ingredients, such as vegetable oils, fresh eggs and specific herbs, spices and vinegars. Based on the recipe, the production line must maintain the proportions and mixing times exactly as you have devised. With a production line, production is automatic. Usually, production consists of several stages, including mixing, emulsifying, pasteurizing and packaging. As a producer, you want to watch over quality and adjust the recipe if necessary. With the production line for mayonnaise from Selo, we take this into account, so you can always remain responsive to the mayonnaise needs of your customers.

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