Advantages of Selo's ketchup production line

Selo's ketchup production line brings a range of benefits that significantly improve your production process. Think, for example, of the quality of the end product being increased. Our production lines and machines excel in quality and meet all required production standards. But that's not all, we also guarantee long-term reliability. In addition, some crucial advantages of our ketchup production line: 

  • Safety and hygiene: We subject our production lines to extensive safety tests and choose hygienic design with the right materials. 
  • Flexible capacity: The production volume is easy to adjust yourself. In addition, a quick recipe change is possible. 
  • Automatic raw material supply: this allows efficient and hygienic production. 
  • Limited operator deployment.
  • Testing your own recipe in advance and running trial batches is possible in our own Technology Center.


"Thanks to the integration of Selo's machines, we are now able to produce our own ketchup more efficiently. We had Selo design a custom production line for us. This is because we had specific wishes and needs for which no standard solution was possible. Moreover, we very much wanted to achieve high production speeds so that we could meet our customers' demands. Selo came up with a strong design and ultimately realized the entire production line to our satisfaction. I strongly believe that we have also significantly improved the quality of our product. Not only are we very satisfied with this new production line, we also receive compliments from our valued customers!"
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Producing ketchup according to own recipe

Every ketchup has its own unique flavor, including yours. Whether you produce organically or add the perfect flavor with a secretly formulated blend of spices. With a production line from Selo, any ketchup recipe can be produced. When it comes to production, it's not just the recipe that's important; it's also about quality, food safety and efficiency. An automated production line streamlines the ketchup production process. This process typically involves several stages, such as mixing, emulsifying, pasteurizing and packaging. As a producer, it is essential to ensure quality and make adjustments to the recipe if necessary. With Selo's ketchup production line, we take these aspects into consideration so that you can continuously respond to your customers' ketchup needs.

Selo, the supplier of the ketchup production line

Selo offers a reliable A to Z solution for designing and supplying your ketchup production line. Our advanced process y systems are suitable for the food and pet food industries and include the complete process from design to commissioning. With our expert team in technology, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after-sales, we can provide custom solutions as well as standard solutions. Trust our professional approach and high-quality services to make your project a great success.

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