Gravy systems

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Gravy can be produced in batches. Water is added to a tank and heated with steam and circulated with a pump. The pre-weighed dry materials are manually added and mixed in the water. When the gravy mix is ready for use it is pumped into a buffer tank. In the buffer tank a pump is circulating the gravy mix continuously. The gravy is pumped into the chunks & gravy mixing unit as a percentage of the chunk flow.

The chunks, produced by the steam tunnel system, and the gravy produced by the gravy installation, have to be mixed into a specific mixture. This can be done either by a one shot fill or a two shot fill system.


One shot gravy fill systems

  • In a one shot fill system the gravy and chunks are mixed in a vessel before filling. The filling can be done in trays, cans or pouches.


Two shot gravy fill systems

  • In a two shot fill system the dosing of the chunks and gravy is separated. The chunks are dosed mainly by a multihead weigher and the gravy by a volumetric dosing system. The filling can be done in trays, cans or pouches.


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