Fully automatic loading system Selo
  • Fully automatic loading system Selo

The Selo fully automatic loading system loads cheese or meat on a plastic or cardboard tray. The system is equipped with a high end vision system which takes very sharp images of the sliced products. In this way the system knows exactly the deviation of the deposition angle and centerline of the sliced products compared with the “zero” values. After detecting the deviation, the system will correct the sliced portion to the “zero” values.


The system is also equipped with a fully automatic denester. The denester will place trays into the main system at the right moment. The system places the sliced products exactly on the denested tray. It is possible to load the tray with sliced meat in long side leading direction (LSL) and short side leading (SSL) as well. Due to the tray turning module it is possible to turn the tray 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise, in this way it is possible to flow pack it in any way you want.


Advantages of the Selo fully automatic loading systems:


• Fully automatic correction
• Hygienic construction
• Easy to clean
• Servo driven
• Up to 80 products/min (depending on the product)
• Product flow R–›L
• Modular system, easy to expand
• EHEDG components
• User-friendly touch screen (multi- language)
• Also applicable for thermoformers, topsealers, etc.



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