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Automated sandwich panini line

The fully automated sandwich line for the production of paninis and sandwiches that will make your production process more efficient! Produce up to 50 paninis or sandwiches per minute with the Selo fully automated sandwich panini line. Optimizing your sandwich or panini production increases the efficiency of your production process. Because of the high level of automation, you save on personnel costs. If you are looking for a solution for sandwiches and paninis of a consistent and high quality with also a high ROI, Selo is the right supplier for you.

Hygienic sandwich panini lines

The sandwich panini lines from Selo are designed with the maximum focus on hygiene and quality standards: stainless steel and other materials that are suited for the food industry. Due to the modular design of the line, the separate parts are easy to clean.

Consistent quality sandwiches and paninis

By automating your sandwich or panini production process, your production process will be faster and sandwiches of a consistent quality with minimal deviations are created. This helps your company to achieve a higher ROI.

Less personnel costs and higher food safety

With the automated process you save on personnel costs because fewer human actions are required. This also ensures higher food safety, ergonomics, better overall hygiene and a longer shelf life of the products.

Flexible automated sandwich panini line

Because the cutting open, dosing and packaging of paninis and sandwiches requires a high degree of flexibility, the sandwich and panini lines from Selo have a modular structure. The machine can be fully tailored to your specific needs. You determine the order of dosing, adding sauces or buttering in the steps of the production process. The dosing of sauces, butter or sandwich spreads is done by the innovative Selo fill pump.

Complete sandwich panini line

The automated Selo sandwich panini line consists of:

Bread supply

The products are placed manually on the infeed belt. This infeed belt is fitted with “flights” to create a constant distance between the products.

Ultrasoon Slicer

The ultrasonic knife in the sandwich/panini lines from Selo is characterized by precision, high wear resistance and hygiene. The position of the ultrasonic knife can be adjusted manually to guarantee the correct cutting angle, cutting depth and centering with regard to the product. This way you can cut different types of bread both horizontally and vertically.

Bread splitter/opener

After the ultrasonic knife, the products are unfolded on the infeed belt. This by means of a folding skate suitable for your panini/sandwich.

Sauce/butter dosing

In this step of the production process the paninis can be filled (fully automatic), and dosed with sauce and/or butter to your own wishes. The length of the bread product is adjustable by means of sensors in order to achieve the optimum spread of the dosing of sauce and butter and to minimize wastage.

Complete your sandwich panini process!

The Selo Slicer, the pick & place robot and other packaging solutions from Selo complete your sandwich or panini process. Contact our advisors and discover the possibilities!

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