fully automated sandwich line

Selo Technique

The panini’s will be placed on a transport belt manually and will be cut by an ultrasonic knife, the side remains attached. This knife will only operate if the product sensor has detected a panini. An upper belt with two tracks keeps the paninis in position during cutting and is equipped with a one-sided drive. The two panini parts are laid open by use of a folding skate.

Selo Fill Pump
A Selo fill pump is used for the dosing of various sauces.
A Selo dosing pump with stirrer can be used for dosing thicker (sauce)products. The pump doses a certain amount of sauce based on sensor signal. (leaflet)


  • Panini’s
  • Sandwiches
  • Baquettes/rolls



  • Suitable for paninis / sandwiches
  • Maximum capacity is 55 paninis per minute (product dependent)
  • Compact servo-controlled dosing pump for all pumpable liquids, sauces, fillings, etc.
  • The system uses an Ultrasoon Slicer
  • Control cabinet in Hygienic design
  • In accordance with CE guidelines


  • The line is easy to clean through our hygienic design
  • The line is very flexible, this has the benefit that multiple productrecipes can be produced on the same line without investing in a new line
  • The line is built according to the highest standards with EHEDG components This reduce the chance of product contamination
  • The line is built according to high ergonomic standards. This contributes to a safe work environment


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