pletter Selo
  • Schnitzelpletter, vleespletter van Selo voor in het vleesverwerkingsproces

Selo provides machines that are suitable for flattening meat. Irregular pieces of meat, such as fresh pork, beef, veal and poultry are flattened by means of pressure rollers and profile belts. The flatteners’s pressure ensures that the meat maintains its desired shape even after roasting. It is important that the flattener is developed in such a way that the meat does not lose any of its fluids after flattening.


Benefits of Selo industrial flattener

  • Accurate configuration
  • Maintains right flavour, no loss of fluids
  • High capacity
  • Different shapes available
  • Fully automated (the only manual action required is placing the meat on the infeed belt)
  • Stainless steel machine: easy to clean, hygienic design
  • Available as 250 mm and 400 mm belt width models

Selo designs and builds process- and packagingsystems for the food manufacturing, animalfeed, pharmaceutical and non-foodindustries. We offer solutions from A to Z: this makes it possible for us to take care of our projects from the design phase until the installation of the systems.
During this process we uphold the disciplines technology, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after-sales ourselves.

Selo provides both custom and standard solutions.
Top quality processing and packaging systems
5 establishments with over 100 employees
Customized and standard solutions