Fibrous casings

Fibrous casings
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Fibrous casings are casings suitable for smoked sausages, cooked sausages, dried sausage types and ham products. Selo supplies fibrous casings that are made from cellulose and are reinforced with a fibrous membrane. It is possible to supply these fibrous casings with a coating on the inside so it can be easily removed (easy peel). The fibrous casings are available with aroma and colour transfer: ‘Smoke’ smoke and colour transfer, ‘Caramel’ colour and ‘Roast-E’ colour transfer. This allows you to combine your sausage and casings to your needs.


Available fibrous casings:
Calibre range      32 – 180 mm
Colours      Available in various colours (smoke, caramel and roast-e)
Print      Up to 6 colours, different options to distinguish your product in an attractive manner
Customisation      Available in rolled up form, in a bundle or on a roll, tied to length*


*Making all desired lengths possible.


Soaking conditions:
  • 30-60 minutes for tied casings in water of 300C to 400C
  • 60-120 minutes for rolled casings in water of 300C to 400C

Selo Packaging delivers both edible and inedible artificial casings of high quality and produces artificial casings in different sizes, calibres, designs and colours for the Dutch and Belgian market.

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