Emulsion hoppers

Emulsion Hopper meat | Emulsie trechter vlees
  • Emulsion Hopper meat | Emulsie trechter vlees

To guarantee a continuous supply of meat-emulsion to the extruder of the steam tunnel, a product-buffer will be used. The buffer consists of a single tank with a mono pump connected to supply the extruder with emulsion. The hopper and pump housing are made completely out of stainless steel. During normal production the speed of the pump is low. A low speed of the rotor reduces wear inside your pump housing and reduces maintenance costs.


Emulsion hopper monitoring

On the hopper a level transmitter is installed to monitor the emulsion level in the hopper. Activation signals (full/empty) will be available to control the emulsifier. A safety valve is installed to protect the mono pump. The valve returns emulsion back into the hopper, avoiding spillage.

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