Selo supplies horizontal and vertical Karl Schnell emulsifiers that are suitable for the finely cutting and emulsifying of meat (also pet food) and sausages. An emulsifier is a meat cutting machine that is capable of cutting a large amount of meat at high speed. The emulsifiers are available in different models.


Vertical emulsifiers distinguish themselves on the market by means of the plates: the meat cutters are based on hole plates (fixed and rotating) instead of blades and plates. Apart from emulsifying very fine product types, it is also possible to produce fine products with coarse pieces in one process run. The cutters can be easily attached and disconnected and almost suffer no wear and tear, which results in a long lifespan and guarantees a consistent product quality.


Benefits of Karl Schnell emulsifiers:
  • Simple installation and removal of the cutting set
  • Low wear and tear rate
  • Consistent product quality
  • Combination of emulsifying fine products with coarse pieces is possible

The brand Karl Schnell has grown into an internationally known concept in the food industry over the last 70 years. Karl Schnell is a German machine building company, where fully developed technology is combined with constant innovation.

Karl Schnell
These are based on the development of economical, high-quality and application-oriented machines and systems. Over the course of the company's history, many new machines have been developed that had a considerable impact on the industrial processing of food.
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