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  • Vleesmachine voor snijden en wegen

Seydelmann bowl cutters are cutting machines for (raw) meat products. The meat products are cut by machine so they become smaller for further processing. Cutters are often used in the production of sausage mixture for sausages. The mixture has a fine structure thanks to the cutting: it is equally smooth without hard parts.


Selo supplies a range of different cutters:
Bowl cutters             120, 160, 200, 325, 550, 750 and 1200 litres content
Vacuum cutters             120, 200, 325, 500, 600, 750 and 1.000 litres content
Cooking cutters             120, 200, 325, 500, 600, 750 and 1.000 litres content
Vacuum/cooking cutters             120, 200, 325, 500, 600, 750 and 1.000 litres content
Raw sausagecutters             Bi-Cut K552


Benefits of Seydelmann cutters:
  • Solid stainless steel frame, seamless welding: very hygienic design and easy to clean
  • Solid construction, designed for production under extreme conditions
  • All equipment is located outside of the machine and the lid is transparent: this ensures the manufacturer can keep a very close eye on the product
  • Large digital operating screen for optimum control of the machine
  • Exact temperature measurements within seconds thanks to temperature sensor and scraper implemented in the cutter lid

Seydelmann is worldwide one of the most popular manufactures in the region of cutters, mixers, grinders and grinding equipment in all sizes, for both meat shops and the industrial sector. Seydelmann machines are adjustable to the needs a wishes of each individual customer.

Intensive research and continuous further development ensure that Machinefabriek Seydelmann is unrivalled in terms of state-of-the-art technology, performance and a long lifespan.
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