Collagen casings inedible

Niet-eetbare collageen kunstdarmen
  • niet-eetbare collageen kunstdarmen

Selo supplies inedible collagen casings of a high quality. The casings are suitable for the production of cooked, dry and semi-dry sausage types. The casings are made from natural protein (the subdermis of cattle). Because of the permeability of the casings, moisture and smoke easily penetrate, which benefits the flavour. Selo supplies the inedible collagen casings in a range of different colours, shapes and finishes. We provide good quality casings and ensure fast delivery.


Available inedible collagen casings:

  • 20 metre bundles available
  • Rolled up or tied off with loop available


Instructions for use:

Soak in water for about 30 minutes at a temperature of about 35C with the addition of 12 to 20% salt. The tied off part must remain submerged completely during soaking. Fill as normal, do not over-fill. Adhere to the standard smoking programme and a maximum cooking temperature of 75C. Cooling down by means of a shower, then hang up so the sausages can cool to the core.


Selo Packaging delivers both edible and inedible artificial casings of high quality and produces artificial casings in different sizes, calibres, designs and colours for the Dutch and Belgian market.

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