Collagen wrapping/Coffi-net

Collageen folie Coffi net
  • Collageen fole coffi net

Collagen wrapping is an invisible second skin for roulade and ham. This wrapping is packaged around the meat to keep it fresh longer. Selo supplies collagen wrapping that is made from the subdermis of cattle. The wrapping is made of an animal protein and of high quality. Meat products wrapped in this second skin remain fresh longer and look tasty. Apart from looking delicious, using collagen wrapping also has another major benefit. Removing the netting can be done without issues, the meat loses nearly no juices and maintains its form. The collagen wrapping can be easily processed and can be smoked and cooked.


Available collagen wrapping:
  • Available in 100-620 mm on rolls of 50 and 100 metres
  • Available in natural, black, salmon pink, deep black and caramel
  • Easy to process, easy peel on the inside and outsude


Coffi-net innovation

Coffi-net is a Selo innovation that allows for the large-scale production of traditional-looking meat products. Coffi-net is rolled up collagen wrapping with netting. The rolled up collagen wrapping is placed around an interior tube and the elastic netting is wrapped around the outer tube. The Coffi-net tube can be connected easily to both manual and fully automated filling lines. Meat products with Coffi-net can also be clipped using all standard clipping machines.


Coffi-net is available from 285-570 mm.


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