Collagen casings edible

Collagen casings edible
  • eetbare collageen kunstdarmen

Edible collagen casings are suitable for the production of sausage products; fresh bratwurst, dried sausage types, frankfurters and snack products. Selo provides edible collagen casings that are permeable and are made from the dermis of cattle. Collagen is a protein that forms glue and that performs an important function within connective tissue. Selo’s edible collagen casings consist of high-quality animal protein and can be easily processed and used in the smoking process. The casings are available in straight and round shapes. The collagen artificial casing is available in natural, salmon-red, mahogany, caramel, euro-brown, french-bloom, deep-red and non-smoker colours.


Available collagen casings edible:
  • Calibre range: 13-43 mm.
  • Available rolled up and ready to be filled (they do not need to be soaked)
  • Available with both a PAL and FAM knot
  • Available in any desirable length


Soaking prescription: can be processed dry, ready to be filled


Selo Packaging delivers both edible and inedible artificial casings of high quality and produces artificial casings in different sizes, calibres, designs and colours for the Dutch and Belgian market.

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