Cellulose casings

Cellulose casings
  • Cellulose folie kunstdarmen

Cellulose casings are also called peel casings. Selo supplies cellulose casings that are suitable for spreadable and/or raw sausages, smoked sausages or semi-cured sausages. The cellulose is a binding agent that provides high quality casings. The cellulose casings are characterised by a high level of elasticity and are range faithful. The major benefit of cellulose casings is that they absorb the desired colour and flavour components of the cooking process, but protect against undesired aroma influences. The perfect peelability guarantees fault-free production. Selo supplies cellulose/peel casings in ‘standard peel’ or ‘easy peel’.


Available cellulose casings:

Calibre range             12 – 42 mm
Colours             Available in a range of colours
Print             Available in 1 colour
Customisation             Can be processed rolled up and ready to be filled
Type             Standard peel or easy peel

Selo Packaging delivers both edible and inedible artificial casings of high quality and produces artificial casings in different sizes, calibres, designs and colours for the Dutch and Belgian market.

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