Bakery ingredients systems

bakery ingredients installation Selo
  • bakery ingredients installation Selo

Selo supplies machines and systems that are suitable for the production of bakery ingredients. Bakery ingredients can vary from bonbons and chocolate filling to everything related (pastry, cakes, etc.). Our systems make the toppings for pâtisserie, desserts and cake. These toppings are jelly products with fruit as the basic ingredient, such as jam, berries or cherries.


Selo not only supplies the machines that are suitable for the production of bakery ingredients, but also the packaging machines for these products. The packaging of these luxury indulgence products must both be functional and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, Selo is also able to provide custom work, thus fully designing the production process to the client’s wishes and with integration of the following options if desired:

  • Link with pectin creation tank to create the gelatin substance pectin and accurately introducing it to the production process
  • Cleaning by means of Cleaning in Place (CIP) in an existing CIP system
  • Integration with buffer tank and different types of dosage caps depending on the dosage application
  • Homogeniser, so the pâtisserie filling does not contain tiny pieces, but is smooth (homogeneous mixture)


Benefits of Selo bakery ingredients systems:

  • Flexible capacity, volume can be easily determined
  • Hygienic design and use of the right materials
  • Limited operator use
  • Ergonomically sound concept
  • Allows for fast recipe change
  • Efficient CIP cleaning


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Selo designs and builds process- and packagingsystems for the food manufacturing, animalfeed, pharmaceutical and non-foodindustries. We offer solutions from A to Z: this makes it possible for us to take care of our projects from the design phase until the installation of the systems.
During this process we uphold the disciplines technology, automation, engineering, assembly, installation and after-sales ourselves.

Selo provides both custom and standard solutions.
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