Pet food

One of Selo’s specialties is wet pet food. Processing machines for dogfood, cat food and other pet food are part of our collection. From meat machine to standup pouch filling and sealing machines: Selo has everything you need for your pet food processing and packaging project.


Hygienic pet food processing

The use of stainless steel makes Selo pet food processing systems hygienic and easy to clean. Quick and hygienic processing is desirable, or even required, for wet pet food because wet pet food often contains meat or fish. Our filling-, sealing-, emulsion-, injecting- steam-, cutting- and cooling systems for pet food treat meat and other ingredients with care. Whether u produce dogfood or cat food: Selo supplies high quality hygienic machines.


Meat processing (and fish processing) in wet pet food

Selo delivers mixers, cutters, breakers and grinders to pre-process the meat intended for wet pet food. These meat processing machines ensure good mixing, cutting and emulsification of both raw and frozen meat. The meat can be processed to a steam tunnel using an emulsion hopper and extruder.


Wet pet food systems based on steam tunnel technology

Since the 1980s, steam tunnel technology has been the most ideal solution for processing wet pet food. In the past decades, this innovative method of wet pet food processing has developed into the number one choice of suppliers for wet pet food. Not only for the big brands, but also for medium-sized and smaller brands of wet pet food because steam tunnels are hygienic, efficient and cost-efficient.


Discover the possibilities for wet pet food systems

Extruders should be placed in front of the steam tunnel to process the wet pet food into stripes/ropes. A color injection system can be added for pet food with different colors in the same packaging. Part of the emulsion, fed to one part of the extruder, will be injected with a coloring agent. The other flow of emulsion will not be colored. A cutting unit is placed behind the wet pet food steam tunnel to cut the stripes of pet food into the desired chunk size. After cutting, wet pet food will be passed over the cooling belt where fans blow air directly onto the pet food.


Gravy systems produce gravy in batches. Pet food chunks and gravy are mixed in a specific mixture by a one shot or two shot fill system and then transferred into tins or bags.


Pet food packaging systems

After processing wet pet food, it’s important to package the pet food as hygienically and airtight as possible. Selo therefore offers standup pouch filling and sealing machines.

Standup pouch filling and sealing machines fill and close standup pouches. Depending on the application (fresh, atmospheric or vacuum) and product (liquid, solid or powder), the product passes 8,9, or 10 stations. The machines are also suitable for filling a combination of solid and liquid products.


Selo: Solutions for all your wet pet food processing

Whether you are a producer of cat food, dog food or other animal food: Selo supplies the machines and systems that you need. Curious about what we can do for you? Contact us now!

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