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Dual injection of steam

Next generation steam tunnels from Selo are ready to work with a dual steam injection system. This doesn’t only induce a faster and more efficient heat transfer from steam to product; it also leads to significantly less cooking time. The Dual Injection Steam Penetration Accelerator, in short DISPA℗, is placed at the entry zone of the emulsion infeed. It boosts the temperature of the cooled emulsion ropes from 0 – 10 degrees Celsius to about 80 – 90 degrees Celsius. This requires so much less steam in the remaining zone of the tunnel, that the total steam consumption is reduced to maximum 15% less for the same amount of cooked product.


Per year 300 tons less CO2

Jeroen Boensma, area manager Selo says: “As a global player in the food production industry, we don’t want to ignore the impact of modern lifestyles on climate change, including in the way we produce food. The contribution that we can make right now is a calculated 300 tons less CO2 emission per year at a typical chunk capacity of 2.2 tons per hour. That’s the equivalent of the emission of 40 to 50 regular households per year! Imagine what a widely adopted use of DISPA℗ could do. Maybe a small step for the world, but a giant leap for our industry.”


Win-Win solution

The new Selo steam tunnel production lines are ready to work with the dual injection unit. Leaving the choice to our customers, the innovative DISPA℗ unit is available as an option. The steam booster system allows for significant cost savings in energy consumption, without impacting the required production volumes. It also allows you to produce the increasingly popular, more profitable natural looking chunks, without the required extra costs of energy with conventional system. Either way it is a win-win solution, helping you to contribute to a more sustainable world.

More about DISPA®

In the coming months the new Selo solution will be presented at a number of pet food conferences, Including the CIPAL and PetFair Asia. So check the next conferences and trade fairs for Selo as a participant. We’re happy to explain every detail of DISPA℗ with you. If you’d like to have any information sooner, just contact us at / +31 (0) 541 582 000


Jeroen Boensma

Jeroen Boensma | Sales manager pet food | +31 541 582 000