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Over 75 years

Actually, the root of all our knowledge is a unique history of over 75 years in the meat processing industry. As an early innovator Selo took part in the developing wet pet food processing industry. The growth to the company that we are today, has kept pace with the growth of our customers in the pet food processing industry. The demands of the developing industry required us to stay ahead in solving problems and exploring possibilities. So, that’s what we did when asked to come up with a solution for continuous production that would provide a huge increase in output while maintaining constant quality.

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Collaboration and interfacing

With over 150 modern pet food production lines in operation in all parts of the world, you would think that Selo is a technology company. Of course we provide robust technology, but in order to do that successfully, collaboration and interfacing are our true core competences. This means that for large scale pet food producers, we built to order and ship exactly as required, while for others we offer advice and we help them to find the best solution, given their specific situation. This could be advise in factory layout, recipes, or interfacing with equipment from other brands. The key focus is get the best solution to work seamlessly as a whole. So we collaborate with colleagues at different suppliers as well as with teams at the customer.

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Full scope for efficient production

Another growing part of our business of to provide A-to-Z support to producers who want to get a head start in producing wet pet food. . “These are great projects where we can leverage the full scope of our knowledge. At the moment we are working on complete production sites at different locations worldwide, from advise on recipes, product, production capacity to packaging and warehousing. We even provide the layout and engineering to generate specifications for tenders and RFP’s . In these projects we operate as an experienced advisor, with one clear goal: cost efficient production first”, says Jeroen Boensma, Sales Manager at Selo.

Constant innovation

The one thing that didn’t change at Selo over time is innovation. How to optimize your production at the touch point of the latest technology and changing priorities inevitably leads to innovation. The end goal is a pet food production line where each component seamlessly integrates in a continuous flow at het most efficient and cost-effective way. One of the innovations that is soon to be released is a technology that offers significant energy savings and at the same time increases productivity. In the coming months we will introduce this new technology, so stay tuned for our next update!


Jeroen Boensma

Jeroen Boensma | Sales manager pet food | +31 541 582 000