Flowpacking is a packaging method in which products are packed with film. This method is used in the food, pharmaceutical, non-food and pet food sectors: plastic film is folded around the product and sealed along the horizontal (long) side. Products are packed in this way as desired and have a longer shelf life. The flow packers are developed according to ISO9001 and JIS quality standards and are distinguished by a high degree of flexibility. The machines meet all international requirements within the medical and food industry and, with appropriate maintenance, can provide many years of excellent performance.

Essential part of your production process

A flowpack machine is an important part of the packaging line, and therefore of your production process. This machine, at the end of the production line, is specially designed to efficiently wrap products in film. This process is very fast and consistent, which increases productivity. Most flow packers have flexible settings, making it easy to adapt the packaging process to products of different shapes and sizes, such as pouch packs of soup, jars of baby food, bottles of mayonnaise, etc.

Horizontal flow packers

At Selo, we supply various types of food process equipment that can be connected to horizontal flowpack machines. These are suitable for packing lots of different products. From non-food to food products. There are different flowpackers, including: very compact systems (PA series), high-speed systems (EP series and S series) and folding pack systems (3S).

  • PA series flowpackers: If you want small food, single piece or portion packs produced, we recommend a compact PA series horizontal flowpacker. Thanks to its compact shape, this flowpacker takes up little space. The high-speed servo-driven horizontal flowpacker has been specially developed to pack food or medicine at high speed with or without tray. The machine is available in a painted or stainless steel version. Depending on the application, the film is supplied from above or below.
  • EP-Series and S-Series high-speed flowpacker: High-speed flowpack systems are designed to pack life or drug products with or without tray at high speed. Because these types of horizontal flowpackers have an on-demand function, you don't have to deal with empty packs. These flowpackers are also available in painted or stainless steel versions, and here too the film can be fed from the top or through the bottom.
  • Flap Packers (3S): These flowpackers are ideal for packing fresh meats and cheese. The packs are resealable, as we have further developed the standard packaging into the Selo-pack, which can be resealed and is even more user-friendly.

Benefits of flowpacking

Packaging using flowpacking offers several advantages over other forms of packaging. First, this packaging method is suitable for many different products of various sizes. This is because the adjustment based on the product and product packaging requirements can be easily adjusted. Moreover, it is a very cost-effective method because the process is automated. Not only does this save time and money, using flowpack technology is also an environmentally friendly option. In fact, it encourages waste minimization and ensures that less plastic is used compared to other packaging options. It also allows the use of recyclable materials. Finally, the flowpack packaging method optimally protects your product from external influences that can be harmful. This machine is therefore the ideal solution for manufacturers who focus on efficiency and sustainability in their production process.


Packed and ready for final destination

At Selo, we specialize in various production lines, such as those for producing soup, pet food and sauces. With a flowpack machine, you close the production line and your product is ready to be transported to its final destination. So not only do we supply the production lines, we can also support you with advice on connecting the process line to the packaging installation. Would you like more information about one of our products? Then please contact us without obligation.