News > Seydelmann Coldsteam mixers: The new standard in tempering

Coldsteam technology: a game changer!

At the heart of this innovation is Coldsteam technology, which uses low-pressure steam at a precise temperature of 33°C. Why is this so groundbreaking? It enables lightning-fast thawing and tempering without burning or denaturing proteins.

Temperature control:

  • Low-pressure steam at 33°C for rapid defrosting and tempering.
  • Prevents combustion or denaturation of proteins.

Efficiency in Blending:

  • Optimal energy transfer thanks to the special geometry of Seydelmann mixer.
  • Direct steam injection for rapid heating.

Prevention of Microorganisms:

  • Prevents growth of microorganisms due to rapid temperature rise.
  • Maintaining food safety and quality.

VMR 3500 mixer

Applications: Revolutionary Speed and Quality

From frozen meat to finished product:
  • Unprecedented speed: Where days or hours were required, tempering can now be done in minutes.
Perfect Synergy with Seydelmann Wolfen

What makes it even more powerful? The seamless combination with Seydelmann Hybrid or Frozen Meat Wolfen. This effectively pre-breaks the meat before tempering, taking the tempering process to the next level.

Automation for In-line Production with Coldsteam Mixers

Coldsteam Mengers' integrated approach with Seydelmann Wolfen enables automated in-line production of various finished products, making production processes both efficient and versatile.

Emulsion process Optimization in dough preparation using Konti-Kutter:
  • Achieve optimal emulsion with the Seydelmann KK254
  • Temperature control to achieve temperatures between 8°C and 15°C for ideal protein matrix formation.
  • Prevents unstable emulsions and maintains finished product quality.
Experience the Future of Meat Blending

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